вторник, 16 августа 2011 г.

воскресенье, 14 августа 2011 г.


here ill be posting some random pictures from tumblr and all over the place really which i adore


Lucia Pang' photography

I did an amazing shoot with Lucia Pang some time ago, and have to say, it has to be my favourite from all iv ever done.
Model: Kristina Mikheeva
Photographer: Lucia Pang
MUA: Georgia Lebbos


2 posts in one day?

So today i managed to get a part-time job. Yes, you heard me, though its not in fashion or media sphere which could benefit my resume, it is paid and close to my place, so i am pretty happy, plus it is Candy/chocolate store. I mean, come on? What can be better? Yeah i am still a child. So it is sunday afternoon time and my plans are running (probably wont happen), doing homework and enjoying last few breathes of freedom, because from tomorrow on it is just uni, work and hopefully my yoga. I ll leave you now with some Sunday eve inspiration.

Have a lovely week! ^^

суббота, 13 августа 2011 г.

oh how unexpected

Who knew, who knew? Right, no one. If you could only find the worst diary/journals/anything written in cute little notebooks keeper, you found one, I started numerous number of blogs and online diaries, its almost a shame to confess, BUT the reason im doing it here and now is I always find myself looking through my favourite blogs on blogspot and Its gonna be just easy way to follow them without actually saving up in history duhh.. So we ll see if i can keep up with at least some posts every now and then :) We ll see.